EOD Student ministries

We are the Eastern Ontario District (EOD) Student Ministries department. We exist to ensure that each of our 120+ churches across our District are successful in reaching, discipling and sending students in their local context.  We understand that "success" is determined by our "faithfulness" and not our "works".

As the Student Ministries department, our mission and vision is to develop healthy leaders who develop healthy ministries!

We do this through 3 strategic priorities we feel very passionate about carrying out:

EQUIP | We are very passionate about equipping Youth Pastors/Youth Leaders in the local church for effective ministry to students. One of the most important ways we equip is through various ways of leadership development. Some of these include: Initiate Leadership Conference (November), One-on-One's (DYD mtgs.), Reps/Lead Team, Resource Section (Broadcast E-mail), etc.

CARE | We are also passionate about caring for our Youth Pastors/Youth Leaders who are doing the work of the ministry in their local contexts. We currently provide care through our Parenthesis Retreat, Sectional Meetings/Lunches & Social Activities, Consistent Devotional Texts and so much more. 

SERVE | Last but definitely not least, we are passionate about serving current and future student ministries represented in churches across EOD. We do this currently through our annual conventions (Jr. High and High School) and camps (Jr. & Sr. High Camps at both LPC & OVPC).