Parenthesis is a total rebrand and overhaul of an event formerly known as Re-Fuel. It's been a few years now since Re-Fuel has taken place and after much prayer, thought and discussion amongst our leadership team, we have come up with Parenthesis. For more information please see the details below. 

WHAT? Parenthesis is a mini-retreat/getaway for pastors and their families. We recongize pastors lead stressful, busy lives filled with caring for others. Amidst, all of that it can be hard to find time to care for yourselves and that is what Parenthesis is all about. Your District Office providing some care and nourishment for you. 

WHO? This event is for pastors and their families. Which pastors exactly? Well primarily our target pastor is any emerging pastor (regardless of staff position - ei. worship, associate, etc.) and pastor ministering to the emerging generations (kids, jr. high, high school, young adult, etc.).