YOuth Pastor Connexus

YP Connexus is all about shrinking the crowd in an effort to create a greater environment to connect.  The sole purpose of this event would be to bring Youth Pastor's (along with their spouse, if applicable) from across EOD together, to connect.  We believe in the midst of us connecting, we will be greatly refreshed and resourced from our time together.  We believe greater connection happens in smaller groups.  Therefore, space would be limited for these YP Connexus times and would be filled on a "first come, first served" basis.  YP Connexus will be limited to 10 people (including spouses), that means we could take 5 couples or a few couples and a few singles or 10 singles.  Don't worry if you don't get in on your first try, we are hoping to hold these regularly!



Where does it take place?  Peterborough, ON

Who is it for?  Any Youth Pastor (and spouse) from EOD who has not previously been a part of YP Connexus yet.

What are the dates?  February 21-22, 2020

Where will I stay?  In a hotel we choose in Peterborough

Where do we meet?  In our DYD's living room and various places around Peterborough, ON

How many YP's will be there?   It will be limited to 10 (incl. spouses)

What about my kids?  If you have kids we are asking you to make arrangements to leave them at home as YP Connexus is for YP's along with their spouses only.

Who gets to come?  Whoever registers first including payment

How much does it cost?  $25/person registration fee. Meals and hotel will be covered by EOD Youth Channel. (Non Refundable)

What types of things will we be doing?  Lots of connecting through hanging out, over meals, group activities, coffee, as well as some intentional coaching/mentoring times through small group discussions.

How do I register?  HERE!

Sample Itinerary:


3:00pm   Check into Hotel

5:30pm   Meet at DYD's House

6:00pm   Supper (Peterborough Restaurant)

7:30pm   Evening Activity

9:30pm   Games/Desserts/Snacks/Hot Tub

11:00pm Back to Hotel


10:00am Brunch @ DYD's

11:00am Small Group Discussion (Life & Ministry)

1:00pm   Coffee Break (Caffiena)

2:00pm   Small Group Discussion (Q&A)

4:00pm   Supper (Peterborough Restaurant)

6:00pm   Head Home