The only way to avoid becoming stagnate as a leader is to never stop growing, developing and learning. Leaders are learners! The learning doesn’t stop the moment you graduate or once you begin your first position. If anything, this is when we need to learn more, be adamant about growing more and consistently seeking to develop ourselves as leaders more.

We have a firm belief that we are so much better, stronger and wiser together. So, we want to invite you to come together as leaders across our District to learn & connect with other like minded leaders. We know that leading can be lonely at times, but it does not have to be that way. You were never created to lead in isolation, and moments like this have been created with you in mind!

We would love to have you join us and other YPs across the district!

2022 Date & Locations

YP Connexus | Christian Life Centre, Ajax | March 30, 2022 - NOW CLOSED

YP Connexus | Kingston Gospel Temple, Kingston  | April 6, 2022 - CANCELLED

YP Connexus | Bethel Pentecostal Church, Ottawa | April 20, 2022 - REGISTER HERE



Before joining the teaching faculty at MCS in 2021, Ryan spent almost 20 years as a local church youth pastor in Canada and the United States.  

Ryan has three great kids and has been married to Amber for 18 years. 

After spending the last 10-years pastoring on Vancouver Island, they now live just outside of Peterborough and are re-introducing themselves to “snow.” 


Educated at Master’s College & Seminary (Peterborough) and Regent College (Vancouver), Ryan’s side-gig is “Research Student” at London School of Theology (UK) where he’s working on a dissertation about leadership, power and what it means to be a human being. He’s also a certified wilderness medic, Birkman consultant, and coach and is entirely convinced that everybody needs to “go play outside” a little more. 


As the Director of the Youth Ministry Major at MCS, Ryan oversees the training of the next wave of PAOC youth pastor’s in Eastern Canada. He teaches courses on a range of topics including adolescent development, discipleship and the family, the gospel and youth-culture, and emergency wilderness medical care. 


Ryan is a passionate advocate for youth workers in our fellowship. I hope you’ll join us for this event as Ryan shares with us the latest research on youth mental health and a path forward in the age of “ambient anxiety.”