Uprising '18 was an incredible weekend! Together we worshiped God and were reminded that we are fearfully and wonderfully MADE. Check out the photos below or click here to view our recap video. 

YP Connexus '18

YP Connexus '18 was an amazing 24 hours! Our time together was full of food, connecting, encouragement and rest. To learn more about this event please click here


Initiate'17 was an amazing conference where leaders from across Eastern Ontario gathered and learned what it means to be leaders who MULTIPLY! 

Photo Credit: Elaina Werenich and Lyndsay & Justine Stratton


Uprising '17 was an amazing weekend. God moved in so many ways and we can't wait for next year!

Photo Credit: Shawn Blakney

Initiate  2016

Initiate '16 was an incredible weekend! Over 300 leaders from across Eastern Ontario gathered together to worship God and learn about what it means to be a Spirit led leader. We can't wait for next year! 

Photo Credit: Pastor Gabe Gratton


Uprising was a great success! Thank you to every pastor, leader, student and volunteer who made this event so amazing. God's presence was extremely evident and so many of us left 'ruined' by Him.

Photo Credit: 

1- 10 -  Shawn Blakney

11 - 19 - Meghan Miller

SPARK 2016

Spark 2016 was hype!  Pastor Jake Fouquier preached up a storm, Melina Dulluku lead us in some amazing worship moments and TNT taught us memory verses and also did some crazy games.
Check out the recap photos below and we hope to see  you next year! 

Initiate 2015

Thank you to everyone who helped make this conference a success. See you at Initiate 2016. 

SPARK 2015

SPARK 2015 was a blast! Adam Hoskins and his team lead us in some incredible worship moments and James Taylor preached up a storm. Check out the recap photos below!